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Parent are asked to establish regular dismissal procedures with their children—walkers, bus or private car.   If for some reason, the regular procedure changes, the teacher and office must have a note with the signature of a parent or guardian noting the change.


Students must be IN the building by 8 AM for morning prayers. The school will be open to receive students at 7:30 AM.

Morning Drop Off:


Enter the parking lot from Willow Street, behind the school. Exit onto Chestnut Street on the side you plan to turn. Turning left exit on the left side of the building 

Turning right exit on the right side of the building.

If you must leave your car to enter the school., park in the back along the fence and bring your child in with you.


Afternoon Pick Up:

Student in Grades Pre-K- 8 will dismiss at 2:25. 


  • Parents will enter the school parking lot on the left hand side of the school from Chestnut Street. 

  • They will proceed around the back of the school following the staff who will direct them into rows. 

  • Teachers will accompany students who will exit the back of the building in grade order. 

  • Parents will come to the sidewalk, claim their children and return to the cars. 

  • When students are all inside their vehicle, the staff will signal each row to depart through the Willow Street exit.




  • No child will be released during school time to the non-custodial parent unless the custodial parent gives written permission.




  • Monitor local media if bad weather is forecasted

  • St. Mary’s follows Dunmore School District for delays and closures.

  • Watch for WNEP TV, WBRE, and our FACTS text message system 

  • Have an emergency pick up plan ready

  • Follow your local district’s early pick up schedule as districts will vary.

  • Notify the school if you do not want your child taking a bus home either by note or call. 

  • If we have a 2-hour delay, please do not bring students to school before 9:30 A.M.

  • If inclement weather develops quickly and you want to take your child home early, Report to the School Office.

Keep calls to a minimum as we need to receive notification from School Districts.




The school day begins at 8 A.M. with morning prayer.   Students who arrive after 8:00 AM are considered tardy, and must report to the School Office for a late slip before reporting to the classroom.


 If there are acceptable extenuating circumstances causing tardiness, a parent must contact the office. 


Please keep the following points in mind:

  • The school will not be opened until 7:30 AM 

  • Students should be picked up no later than 2:30 PM  

  • Repeated tardiness will result in a conference with the homeroom teacher and/or the principal.


Attendance at school is a State Law.  Excessive absence and/or tardiness may result in contacting Children and Youth Services, being summoned before a magistrate, and fines or arrest.


Once the school day has begun, no student may leave the school grounds without the explicit permission of the Principal.


Parent Requested Early Dismissal:

  • Parent/guardian sends in a written request or calls in case of an emergency

  • Parent/guardian must enter building and sign the child out in the secretary’s office

  • Student will be called from class by the secretary


Whenever possible, doctor or other appointments should be scheduled outside of school hours, on early dismissal days, or on school holidays.



  • Due to sickness

  • Written excuse when child returns

  • Avoid vacations during school time

  • If work is requested before a trip, it may be given at the teacher’s discretion.

  • Missed work is due according to the teacher’s discretion.

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