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To increase leadership skills through activities and events within the school community, we have membership in the National Junior Honor Society. The selection process is as follows:


  • Students may not apply for membership. They must be selected by the faculty.

  • . The student must be 7th or 8th grade at the time of selection.

  •  Students are not chosen on academic achievement alone, but must also display qualities of character, service, leadership, and citizenship activities. 



Students chosen must for at least have a scholastic average of 92.5% or higher for three consecutive quarters. 


  • Takes criticism willingly. 

  •  Exhibits cooperation. 

  •  Displays good morals and ethics

  •  Respects others.


Service :

  • . Contributions of self to school, community and classmates. 

  • . Participates in extra-curricular activities. 

  •  Displays school spirit. 

  • Involved in community service 



  •  Holds elected positions.

  •  Promotes and participates in school activities

  • Exemplifies positive attitudes.

  •  Helps build relationships and encourages others


Citizenship :

  •  Participates in community organizations 

  • Participates in school clubs 

  •  Follows school rules

  •  Demonstrates courtesy.

  •  Respects and takes care of school property and grounds

  •  Can explain basic workings of our government and us

        country’s ideals. 


Credentials for Students being considered for Membership:

  • Write a rhetorical composition:         “How I Embody the Five Qualities of a NJHS Member”

  • Present their up-to-date Student Resume 

  • Participate in an interview with NJHS Chairperson(s) and Principal where Resume and Credentials will be reviewed.

Officers are selected from the current members of the Society and will be selected in January.

Members will be expected to participate in activities that represent our school such as:

  • Diocesan Celebrations

  • Advisory Board Activities

  • Sports, as a player or a supporter in the stands

  • Participating in activities that inform student body about the meaning of Character, Service, Leadership, Citizenship and Scholarship 

  • Missed work is due according to the teacher’s discretion.

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