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To increase leadership skills through activities and events within the school community, we have membership in the National Junior Honor Society. The selection process is as follows:


  • Students may not apply for membership. They must be selected by the faculty.

  • . The student must be 7th or 8th grade at the time of selection.

  •  Students are not chosen on academic achievement alone, but must also display qualities of character, service, leadership, and citizenship activities. 



Students chosen must for at least have a scholastic average of 92.5% or higher for three consecutive quarters. 


  • Takes criticism willingly. 

  •  Exhibits cooperation. 

  •  Displays good morals and ethics

  •  Respects others.


Service :

  • . Contributions of self to school, community and classmates. 

  • . Participates in extra-curricular activities. 

  •  Displays school spirit. 

  • Involved in community service 



  •  Holds elected positions.

  •  Promotes and participates in school activities

  • Exemplifies positive attitudes.

  •  Helps build relationships and encourages others


Citizenship :

  •  Participates in community organizations 

  • Participates in school clubs 

  •  Follows school rules

  •  Demonstrates courtesy.

  •  Respects and takes care of school property and grounds

  •  Can explain basic workings of our government and us

        country’s ideals. 

Please see Mrs. Dudley or Ms. Matarazzo for a NJHS application.

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