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  • Grades 6-7-8 will be eligible for the Honor Roll. Major subjects are all subjects other than music, physical education, art, computers, and library. 

  • High Honors: Overall average of 93.5% - 100%, in all major subjects, with no grade lower than 90. 

  • Honors: Overall average of 84.5% to 93.4%, in all major subjects, with no grade lower than 80. 


If a child receives two I’s in the subject areas of music, physical education, art, or computers, he/she is not eligible for the Honor Roll. A mark of U will also result in a student being ineligible for the honor roll. 


If any one of the following comments is on the report card, the student would be ineligible for the Honor Roll. Please see Discipline and Demerit Policy.

 ● Inattentive

 ● Unprepared for class

 ● Incomplete, missing or poorly completed work/project

 ● Lacks disciplined study habits

 ● Low test scores  

 ● Performance is hindered by absences

 ● Performance is hindered by tardiness

 ● Disruptive

 ● Displays uncooperative behavior

 ● Displays disrespectful behavior, 

  • Misuse of Cellphone

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