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Our goal is to maintain an atmosphere of safety and trust so that the prime directive, educating students, is possible.


Students in Pre K- 3rd grades, please review Teacher’s Discipline Policies.


 DISCIPLINE AND DEMERIT POLICY (for students in Grades 4-8th grades):

Students who engage in misdemeanor offenses such as (but not limited to):

  • Disrespecting others

  • Disruptive Behavior

  • Inattention

  • Lack of homework/assignments

  • Rude language                

  • Not doing classwork

  • Tardiness (without good cause)

  • Absences without parent signed excuse

  • Misuse of cell phone


Teachers will:

  • Step One: Alert student to inappropriate behavior in a respectful and private manner

  • Step Two: Allow no more than three reminders a day, as above, recording time, dates, and types of infractions

  • Step Three: Notify parent of the behavior, seeking possible reasons after three reminders.

  • Step Four: Give a demerit (grade 4-8) if behavior continues after speaking with parent. This demerit will preclude student from Honor Roll, Sports, or other school activities. A comment will be added to report card.

  • Step Five: If behavior continues after a demerit is given, a meeting with the parent, principal and guidance counselor will be convened to investigate options.


If a student’s behavior is such that it interferes with the others educational experience:

  • The student will be removed from the classroom with work and remain in the office until the end of the class period.

  • The parent will be called to be informed of the behavior.

  • The student will be returned to the classroom for the next period.

  • If behavior continues, the student will be on in-school suspension until the end of the day, a demerit given and a conference will be held as soon as possible.


If a student receives no more demerits for the quarter from the time the Quarterly Progress Report is sent, the comment will be removed. The opportunity for the Honor Roll and Honor Society will be considered.


Terroristic threats and/or physical violence for all grades:

  • ALL verbal threats will be considered real

  • Police will be called

At the end of the quarter the honor roll student will receive a certificate and be awarded mention in the Scranton Times/Tribune


Students in grades seven and eight who fail major subjects may be required to attend summer school in order to be promoted.




A student may be suspended for the following causes:

  • Fighting (determined by seriousness of fight)

  • Blatant disrespect for others 

  • Destruction of school, church, or bus property.

  • Insolence, disrespect, use of vile or obscene

       language/gestures or threats

  • Leaving school property without permission.

  • Smoking or vaping in school, on school property, or at any

      school function.

  • Any other serious offense, which endangers the well being

      of the student or others.

  • The length of suspension will be determined according to the severity of the infraction.


A student waiting for a parent to arrive will experience an In-School Suspension unless there are more serious complication that require medical, psychological, or police assistance.


In-School Suspension Room:

The student is suspended from class until parents arrive. These condition will be put into place:

  • The room the student is in will be monitored by principal/teacher.

  • It will be well ventilated and well lighted.

  • The student does academic work in silence.

  • The student will not be left alone.

  • If the student is disruptive, further disciplinary action will follow.

  • The student does not participate in recess, eats lunch under supervision and does not participate in any extra-curricular activities.


At the time of a suspension, or as soon as possible, parents will meet with the principal to discuss the behavior which prompted the suspension. The school guidance will be asked to participate in the meeting. At that time, steps will be discussed as to how best to help the student become a functioning member of the school body.


A suspended student may not participate in sports, field trips, or any school related actives.


Any student suspended must earn back the privilege to participate in school activities by acting in a consistent appropriate manner. 

Students with disciplinary problems will be placed on PROBATIONARY STATUS for a period of ONE Quarter.  


If persistent disciplinary problems occur, a student will be placed on Behavioral Contract, which will be signed by the Parent, Student, and Principal. Failure to follow the conditions of the Behavioral Contract will necessitate possible dismissal from the school.






Offenses, which make a student liable for immediate withdrawal/dismissal, include the following:

  • Assault of a teacher.

  • Using, taking, selling, or possessing drugs or alcohol of any 

       type at school, on the school grounds, or at any school 


  • Possession of any type of weapon at school, on the school

       grounds, or at any school function.

  • Repeated suspensions or failure to follow conditions of Behavioral Contract

  • Disciplinary Board Decision


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