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Communication between parents and teachers is an integral part of the education process.   Parents are made aware of their child’s academic standings through the issuance of progress reports, report cards, and FAST (Ren Web) online.


 Report cards are issued quarterly in accordance with the school calendar.   Parents are requested to examine the report card carefully and call the school if there is a concern or problem.


Progress reports are sent home to inform a parent that his/her child is failing to meet subject requirements for that quarter.   These reports are sent home at least three weeks prior to the close of the quarter to allow the student ample time and opportunity for improvement.


The teachers, at their discretion, will periodically send tests home for parents to examine copies or meet with parents/guardians to review tests.


With any concerns educational, behavioral, social, etc. please use the following procedures:

  • First, call the school office and leave a message for your child’s classroom teacher.

  • If the matter is not resolved, make an appointment to meet with the classroom teacher(s) and principal

  • If more input is required, arrange a conference with school team: Resource Math/ Reading Specialist, Guidance, Nurse, Teachers, and Principal.

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