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  •  is a daily requirement.

  •  is an integral part of the learning process allowing for reinforcement of skills learned on a daily basis 

  • should be written down daily and available online

  • is to be completed neatly, with attention to detail, and turned in on time

  • should be supervised and checked by parents to insure the good study habits are being developed. 

  • will be documented and incomplete assignments, for students in grades 6-8, will receive a demerit for each missing or incomplete assignment.


In case of school absence:

  • Phone calls requesting homework must  be placed no later than 9:00 A.M. to ensure the request being accommodated   

  • Homework will be available at the end of the school day and may be given to a sibling

  • Students must make up missed assignments according to the teacher’s discretion

  • Service hours must be turned on the day the student returns to school to receive credit. Ample time is given in advance for completion.

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