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The Carmel Café, our school cafeteria is available to our students daily. 

  • Meals are either freshly cooked on-site or brought in by local vendors

  • A monthly order form for each child will be sent in the Tuesday Home Folder

  •  Parents will select the days their child(children) would like to order

  • The order form must be returned on the Thursday of the same week

  • Days when a student is absent, the meal fee will be credited to your account.

  • Cost is $3 a meal. 

  • Students may order more than one meal per lunch.

  • Students not ordering must bring their own lunch.

  • Drinks are available for purchase.

  • No soda is allowed.

  • Volunteers are always welcome!!!



In the lunchroom and on the playground, students should:

  • Sit at the assigned table.

  • Remain seated or raise your hand if help is needed.

  • Ask permission to leave the lunchroom.

  • Stand, clean your lunch area, push chairs in, and walk to the exit when called.




Safety features have been add to protect our students during outdoor time. The parking lot is closed off during the school day to prevent drive through traffic. If visiting, please park in front of the building. (See Arrival and Dismissal for more information.)


Play Ground Rules:

  • Stay in the assigned areas on the playground.

  • Refrain from wild running, pushing, shoving, fighting or 

        mistreatment of another student.

  •  Be respectful toward others at all times.

  •  Never use abusive language.

  •  Keep the school property neat and clean.

  •  Return any equipment you took out at the end of recess. If you took it out, you are responsible to return it.

  •  Do not interfere with the games of others.

  •  Invite those who are alone on the playground to join you.

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